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New version of our Portal Software has been released. You can get it in the Microsoft App Gallery now be following the link below.

SepCity, Inc. is a privately held company based in Cleveland, Ohio.

We specialize in Intranet/Extranet web portal software solutions development for your personal and business needs. SepCity was formed in the year 2002 and we are constantly improving our software application functionality and expanding our company. 

Our vision is to provide the most robust content management system (CMS) and portal software globally. We achieve this by investing in development technologies and analyzing our customers’ feedback. We are constantly implementing new language platforms for the global market. Our software is currently available in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

The company stocks are 100% privately owned by the founder of SepCity, Inc. and we are self funded and do not rely on business loans; therefore SepCity has no business debt or any other commitments that will affect our day to day operations. We pass the savings on to our customers.

Some of our customers include Government, Hobby websites, FaceBook type of sites and e-Commerce businesses. Not only we think about functionality and features for our software; we take it to the next level by introducing several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features to help our customers build steady traffic to their website.

“… When you use SepCity Portal Software you will never go back …”